How to Terraform Mars, the Right Way!

The Best way to Terraform Mars would be to increase its rotation to increase internal movement and thus its magnetosphere, increase it’s atmosphere, and increase the water on Mars, which may to some seem like a large feat, and dismissible, but its not!

By manipulating the Paths of Large Iron Asteroids and impacting them precisely in the right direction would increase Mar’s rotation, which would need to be faster than Earth’s 24 hours oppose to its’ current around 28 hours, and that should increase Mar’s Magnetosphere, which would be absolutely important to sustaining a Human Surface Population.

Now one could learn better how to manipulate those Large Iron Asteroids to impact Mars in the desired ways by starting smaller and with less harmful material and use Ice Asteroids, which x amount of will burn up in the thin Martian Atmosphere and the Rest for the Surface with x amount settling back in the Atmosphere later. This will build Mar’s Atmosphere up, and put more water down on the surface, and make Mars one day after the next more commonly accepted steps of terraforming habitable for a surface human population, but that part is not my focus here, just the 1st step everyone missed as they Greedily want to Colonize Mar before Mar’s Structural Flaws for Human Habitation on the Surface is fixed.

Manipulating Asteroids can be done with Drones, and the X-37b makes a good showing of Robotic Space Drones, and can be done by installing thrusters on target bodies or just hitting them with Nukes to change their course, and obviously the assets to catch anything in space if we messed up that bad. Any thoughts of long term colonizing mars before increasing its water and rotation with some Major Impacts is well well below Par! And in the way of how to properly colonize Mars, not sure how Elon Musk missed that, besides that Elon Musk is a Fraud!