Covid-19: Herd Immunity or Eradication, what are the Experts really referring too?

In Dr. Fauci’s more recent comments in the context of Covid-19 Herd Immunity he said up to 90%, but is Herd Immunity even the right Term for what they are hoping to achieve?

Fauci: Up to 90% of population needs vaccine for herd immunity – Business Insider “We really don’t know what the real number is,” Fauci added. “I think the real range is somewhere between 70 to 90 percent. But, I’m not going to say 90 percent.” 

Is Herd Immunity the Wrong Term? And Eradication is the right one when talking about a 90% Immunity Across a Global Population? Because just one mile Further on this Forced March to “Herd Immunity” and we Would be Eradicating the Coronavirus starting at numbers around 95% (my personal guess). Now we can already see they were saying 60% for Herd Immunity, and Fauci’s own words saying it could now be as low as 70%, but could be up to 90%, but how he is “not going to say 90%” right after literally saying 90%! So what is the real number, and the real ends? Which I strongly Suggest is Eradication, which will take a higher number than 90% of people with immunity, and I’d dare say around 95%. Of course all this is given there is no major mutations to the Spike Protein we are trying to gain Antibodies too, because theoretically that sets the number back down to Zero!

Now if one was to go over the US Covid-19 Data, and understand they were saying in the context of prior to this Fall we missed up to 8 times the Covid-19 Cases, putting the US Total to potentially over 100 Million True Covid-19 Cases at the Period, and than the present often now over 300,000 Confirmed Cases a Day (Dec, 2020), but how many Cases are we missing, not 8 times as much for sure, which the Death to Cases compared to before and now shows, its not 8 times as much, but at 3 times as much we are getting around 1 Million Covid Cases a Day, which is a possibility, a likely one. So we should be looking at no less than 60% Naturally Acquired Herd Immunity by Summer (or before) and possibly even higher, 75% is quite possible with this new more Contagious Covid-19 Strain 1st Detected in the UK. But here is the thing, we haven’t Peaked Yet! And Many Hospitals are already overloaded and people are not just dying of Covid but other Medical Aliments that couldn’t be cared for due to the overload on Hospitals! (Put your Masks on!), but we should start to see things tapper off in Spring between Naturally Acquired Immunity (via infection) and the Vaccines as we build towards Herd Immunity. But when they say 90% Vaccination! when 2/3rds of people will already have a Naturally Acquired Immunity, means 2/3rds of that left over 10% of unvaccinated people will already have immunity, thus are Herd Immunity would be between 96-97%, and well into the Range for Eradication! Just think if 91% of the World Pop got the Vaccine and 70% had Naturally Acquired Immunity, that would be 98% Herd Immunity and easily enough to Eradicate Covid-19 World Wide.

So what they are really saying by Herd Immunity in the context of saying numbers as high as 90% in the extra context of just on the Vaccine Level, isn’t Herd Immunity, but Eradication!

Now even at only half the World Population getting Covid-19 and an 80% World Wide Vaccination Rate we still hit 90% Combined Herd Immunity! And over half the World will get this, and easily already over 1/3rd already has! And it is not unlikely that over the next few years we get at least an 80% Vaccination Rate World Wide, so 90% Herd Immunity is surely achievable, But! I think we need at least a 95% Herd Immunity Rate World Wide to really get into Eradication, which we may already be on track to.