The Lost Megalithic Monuments of New Hampshire: The Indian Heads

The Lost Megalithic Monuments of New Hampshire:

The Indian Heads

Was there a Lost Civilization of New Hampshire? Did they build Giant Megalithic Indian Head Statues out of the Mountain and Hill Sides? Or are the Multiple Indian Head Profiles, like the Fabled Old Man on the Mountain, the Indian Head, Admiral Dewey Profile and many others all Natural Formations?

Just over a mile from the Old Man on the Mountain and just over 3 miles from the Indian Head Profile across from the Famous Indian Head Resort, stands another Ancient Mural behind the Fabled Echo Lake in Franconia Notch, New Hampshire, the “Artist” or “Admiral Dewey Profile” on Bald Mt. (in Admiral Dewey’s Name Sake)

Franconia Notch is famous for its beauty in the Iconic White Mountains, vibrate for it’s Tourism and Ski Resorts like Cannon Mountain. But the Notch has fell into Modern Legend and Lore with the Betty and Barney Hill Abduction Case starting at the Indian Head on Mt. Pemigewasset across from the Indian Head Resort. With some Local Residence hailing Echo Lake as a corner stone to the mystery that surrounds that region.

The Indian Head, Mt. Pemigewasset, New Hampshire

Right behind Echo Lake in Franconia Notch lays an Ancient Indian Head Profile, Dewey Rock or Admiral Dewey Profile. Three large Faces or India Head Profiles within such close proximity is mathematically highly unlikely, and even more Fabled Faces are lured to populate New Hampshire (Additional Second Link). The Face resides on Artist Bluff at Exit 34 in Franconia Notch, New Hampshire; the Face is best seen from the highway, behind Echo Lake or from the foot of Artist Bluff. The Artist Bluff’s Indian Face also known as “Dewey Rock” has a trail that leads to the top and over looks Echo Lake; it is a short easy hike for such a spectacular view.

But whom could have built these Massive Faces “to Test Time and Try to Stand the Ages”, if they are not Natural Formations? Could they hold kinship to America’s Stone Hedge in Salem, NH; who’s builders still lay in an Anthropologic Mystery? The builders of these Faces (unless you

believe in the mathematically impossibility of their Natural Formation) most likely were an Indigenous Civilization that thrived for centuries before its fall from the first onslaught of Old World Diseases, long before Columbus (or Americo Vespucio), which diseases most likely hailed from the Phoenicians, Vikings, Celts or some other Ancient Old World People.

Paradox Chronicle relates these Faces as the equal to the Mounds of the Mississippians Mound Builders or the Step Pyramids of Mesoamerica, “a Testament to the Wills of Man, and the Greatness of a Lost People”; The Lost Megalithic Monuments of New Hampshire, The Indian Heads.

Could or should the “Indian Head” on Pemigewasset Mt. or “Admiral Dewey Profile” on Bald Mt. be the next New Hampshire State Emblem; the New Old Man on the Mountain?

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