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David Rockefeller Dead as a Door Nail ~ 3/20/17

David Rockefeller, famed banker and philanthropist, died today at age 101, spokesperson says — CNN (@CNN) March 20, 2017 On 3/20/2017 David Rockefeller dropped dead as a Doornail, sorry, better luck next time Mr. Rockefeller, oh wait, never mind, your 7th Heart Failed… Watch the video below to get all the dirt and smack talk on David Rockefeller the […]

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Ross Sheriffs Harassment of Randy Ross, Ross County OH, Audio File

I am Randy G Ross of New Haven and New Hampshire, who recently enough moved to Ross County OH, listen to the recording of the Ross Sheriffs Criminally Harassing me. More Audio Files to Come. I am very scared for my safety in Ross County Ohio, mostly by the Ross Sheriffs, but Authorities in general I guess. My car was […]

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Facebook’s coming Conservative Purge

Right out of the horse’s mouth (see photos below); Mark Zuckerberg is about to ban conservative Media and Pages right before the coming mid term […]

Mandalay Bay Massacre: Multiple Shooters?

Mandalay Bay Massacre, Multiple Shooters Reported by eyewitness, and Windows on two floors smashed out. Could Paddock be a False Flag Fall Guy, was Paddock […]

The Chinese Mafia & Secret Societies

The Chinese Mafia’s & Secret Societies; History into Modern Times. Do Chinese Secret Societies run the Communist Party?   “The Art of War by Sun […]

“The Art of War by Sun Tzu”

@RealRandyRoss China cannot afford to go to war. They have only a couple of weeks of oil once their pipelines/shipping lanes get shut down. — […]