Charles Schwab Bankrupt, Stock Market Crash 2021!?!

Is Charles Schwab near Bankrupt, and Customers cannot withdraw their Funds, like me, and the Phone Lines are Swamped, 3 1/2 hours today and counting, 3 Days of Calls now, and they cannot give me my Money! Charles Schwab is Broke! This is how the Stock Market Crashed before, no one could get their Money Out! The Stock Market Crash of 2021 is here!?!

{Update} Charles Schwab is trying to hold onto my money as long as possible, and didn’t message me or give me any notifications when they made it so I could not withdraw funds out almost 2 weeks ago! And I have been fighting with them for days and days on the phone to get that money to me, because they won’t let me withdrawal funds, with zero notice or reasonable explanation, but “I’ve never seen this before” (on recording).

Suggestion: I’d pull out of Charles Schwab and other Brokers and get some Silver Coins while you can….