Coming Evidence: Trump tried to Rig the Election

A quick Google Search easily turns up Conservatives Demanding a Boycott of the Georgia Senate Race, which doesn’t make sense to some, Unless, of course…

Trump’s Allies Can’t Decide Whether To Boycott Georgia’s Runoff Elections | Forbes

Trump supporters call for boycott of Georgia senate races that Republicans are desperate to win | The Independent 

That in fact Trump Rigged the Election and the Right needs an excuse for the Drastic Difference in Votes from the Presidential Election to this Special Election held Separate! Which would be a Tell Tale Sign of Election Fraud, and how it was Trump who Rigged the Voting Machines, but couldn’t Rig the Mail in Vote, just the In-person Vote on the Very Machines he himself accuses the Left of Rigging! Trump and the Right have been projecting what they themselves do on the Left, and there is a very very real possibility Trump Rigged the Election, but the Massive Early Voting and Mail in Votes overwhelmed their system in place to Rig it. 

Now if we look at Sununu (Governor) or Collins (Senate) from NH & ME both Republicans who held Office in Blue States that Voted for Biden, considering Trump is such a hated candidate we should see that same dynamic in Georgia, and Biden winning by such a small margin against Trump actually means the Right should win Georgia, and anything but a clear Republican Victory will show Trump Rigged the 2020 US Election. If the Republicans come to a defeat in Georgia it will show Trump Clearly Rigged the Voting Machines and he never had those Votes in the 1st Place.

Now Trump’s Cultist Followers state Trump plays 5D Chess, which is not the Case, but he is playing a Game, its Checkers and he is Cheating! But if we are to believe the Right in the slightest about their Boosts of their Fearful Leader, than Trump saying go out and Vote, as all his Puppets say don’t is just his Cover, it would be to weird if he said it too, so he just has his legal team and the sort say it for him! 

But in my Opinion it is very likely they are saying Don’t Vote so they can have an Excuse for the massive difference in Votes and trying to shield themselves from the Simple Truth Trump & The Republicans Rigged a US Election! Anyone who has been watching the Melt Down of Trump and the Pure Derangement of his Cult Followers, and listening to People, knows Trump lost Votes, he didn’t Gain Millions! Donald Trump Rigged the US Election, and the Georgia Senate Race is going to Prove it!   



















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