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Is Nov 4th, the next 911?

Is November 4th the next 911? With Antifa and other Left Wing Groups planning Riots on Nov 4th as some within their Militant Ranks maybe planning […]

David Rockefeller Dead as a Door Nail ~ 3/20/17

David Rockefeller, famed banker and philanthropist, died today at age 101, spokesperson says — CNN (@CNN) March 20, 2017 On 3/20/2017 David Rockefeller dropped […]

The Chinese Mafia & Secret Societies

The Chinese Mafia’s & Secret Societies; History into Modern Times. Do Chinese Secret Societies run the Communist Party?   “The Art of War by Sun […]

Everything You Know is Wrong: Hidden History

Big Foot Historical Evidence Found: Sumerian Creation Myth Is Everything you know really wrong, let Lloyd Pye Explain (skip to 1:15) Ancient Hominids, Modern Hominids, […]


Alex Jones breaks down the massive disadvantages that the current global model of Corporate Tax, Free Trade, and Energy Regulations are waging on the U.S. […]

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