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Facebook’s coming Conservative Purge

Right out of the horse’s mouth (see photos below); Mark Zuckerberg is about to ban conservative Media and Pages right before the coming mid term […]

Mandalay Bay Massacre: Multiple Shooters?

Mandalay Bay Massacre, Multiple Shooters Reported by eyewitness, and Windows on two floors smashed out. Could Paddock be a False Flag Fall Guy, was Paddock […]

Is China’s Economy About to Burst?

China’s on the verge of collapse, could a War automatically burst China’s Economy? If America claimed it wouldn’t pay it’s debt back, would China implode? […]

“The Art of War by Sun Tzu”

@RealRandyRoss China cannot afford to go to war. They have only a couple of weeks of oil once their pipelines/shipping lanes get shut down. — […]

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