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David Rockefeller Dead as a Door Nail ~ 3/20/17

David Rockefeller, famed banker and philanthropist, died today at age 101, spokesperson says — CNN (@CNN) March 20, 2017 On 3/20/2017 David Rockefeller dropped dead as a Doornail, sorry, better luck next time Mr. Rockefeller, oh wait, never mind, your 7th Heart Failed… Watch the video below to get all the dirt and smack talk on David Rockefeller the […]

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Fukushima Alert, February 2017: The Unfolding Crisis

Are a 160 tons of melted Nuclear Fuel Rods escaping their containment, and are breaking through or have broke through to the ocean’s waters below, restarting a Nuclear Reaction? The evidence surely points to something is going on. “at Chernobyl… when it rains water seeps into the sarcophagus of concrete, heats up, chain reaction slowly builds up again” – Dr. Michio Kaku Watch the videos below […]

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The Chinese Mafia & Secret Societies

The Chinese Mafia’s & Secret Societies; History into Modern Times. Do Chinese Secret Societies run the Communist Party?   “The Art of War by Sun Tzu”   Chinese Military Stealing American Military Robot Technology   On The Verge of War: USA vs China WWIII

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The Lost Megalithic Monuments of New Hampshire: The Indian Heads

The Lost Megalithic Monuments of New Hampshire: The Indian Heads Was there a Lost Civilization of New Hampshire? Did they build Giant Megalithic Indian Head Statues out of the Mountain and Hill Sides? Or are the Multiple Indian Head Profiles, like the Fabled Old Man on the Mountain, the Indian Head, Admiral Dewey Profile and many others all Natural Formations? Just over […]

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Alex Jones breaks down the massive disadvantages that the current global model of Corporate Tax, Free Trade, and Energy Regulations are waging on the U.S. economy. An economy peeling off the hull of a NWO rigged slave system. An economy surging on the heels of the Trump victory before Donald Trump even enters the Oval Office. Watch the Video Here… […]

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