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Facebook’s coming Conservative Purge

Right out of the horse’s mouth (see photos below); Mark Zuckerberg is about to ban conservative Media and Pages right before the coming mid term elections. Let me quickly translate what Zuckerberg really said. He said Media Outlets, Pages and Ads will be put to the side of personal posts from Friends on Facebook. But how can he reduce ads […]

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Is Nov 4th, the next 911?

Is November 4th the next 911? With Antifa and other Left Wing Groups planning Riots on Nov 4th as some within their Militant Ranks maybe planning to go after the National Power Grid; is a Nation Wide Electrical Grid Drill which is planned for November 4th the right move?   On 911 there was Drills for Hijacked Planes, so when Planes […]

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President Trump’s Tax Plan: Major Flaw the S Corp

Trumps Tax Plan held out to one striking exclamation to this writer, he’s comment on S Corps, but first a quick overview of what an S Corp is compared to Regular Corporations. S Corps are local Corporations that are Not Allowed to have Foreign Stock Holders unlike Regular Corporations which can have anybody any where in the World as an […]

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Mandalay Bay Massacre: Multiple Shooters?

Mandalay Bay Massacre, Multiple Shooters Reported by eyewitness, and Windows on two floors smashed out. Could Paddock be a False Flag Fall Guy, was Paddock just a hostage and later murdered as a Fall Guy by an Elite Professional Deep State Death Squad? Paddock worked as an Accountant​ for Lockheed Martin and was a former NASA Worker meaning he probably […]

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