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Remember when Men Competing in Women’s Sports was a Hollywood Joke?

Do you remember when Men Competing in Women’s Sports was a Hollywood Joke? Because I sure do, I remember watching the Movie “Lady Bugs” as a Kid, and how Rodney Dangerfield got No Respect! In Lady Bugs Rodney Danger Field as a Coach decides he is finally getting that Respect he so desires and has his Son Dress as a Girl for a Competitive Advantage.


The simple fact is men have a competitive advantage on women in regards to physical sports, and if someone develops down the masculine route with much higher Testosterone than women have they are going to have bigger and stronger muscle and larger bones, frame and the sort than they otherwise would have; men’s track speeds to weightlifting clearly shows this firm advantage, particularly when it comes to Muscle Strength. But it goes further than an unfair competitive edge, there are safety concerns and quite a few women have been badly hurt since the entry of Transgender Athletes in Women’s Sports.

Now I will admit some people do have various medical conditions, and even an XX can development a Dick and Balls via a disruption in Wolffin Duct Development , however if that person is strong as an ox regardless of the gender status that they socially carry there is a safety concern for other athletes, and those concerns should be taken in 1st before any competitive advantages or social concerns on either side of the political spectrum, and quite a few women have been pretty badly hurt of late.

I think there should be very firm guideline established that about a competitor’s hormone profile, the appropriate genitals (via surgery or not), but more importantly have a Muscle Mass, and Bone Mass under a certain percentile compared to other competitors. Let’s say a percentile between 70% or even up to 85% would be the cut off; in regards to safety and even competitive edge.

Now I am not going to lie, some of us grew up with silly movies like Lady Bug, where yet again Rodney Dangerfield gets No Respect in, and I question the motives of some of these athletes and coaches. In the 90s this was so out there of a concept it was literally a Joke, but now it’s not, and women are getting bones broken and careers ruined, and some cases of some athletes are a bit ridiculous, and them in themselves would of been a 90s comedy movie. And in a way, it is kind of funny, but its unfair in many cases, and its not fair for other athletes who get literally broken and their careers ruined. At this trends current pace without some sort of real regulation (like Bone and Muscle Mass Percentile Cut offs) eventually we’ll get to a point were Athletes born fully in every-way as a female will be having to sneak steroids and growth hormones to even compete in women’s sports, and obviously certain prerequisites will have to be established to stop that assured trend at this current pace.

But if viewed within the context of Lady Bugs, it is kind of funny, but more kind of scary; like what has happened to this world, that outrageous comedies from my youth are now suppose to be a social norm, even when people are getting injured and their careers ruined, for what in the 90s was literally a huge joke? But I’ll admit with all the odd Human Conditions out there, and all the Inter-sex and Sex Development Disorders out there I am not saying that they shouldn’t be able to compete, but just that they should not be that much above average in Muscle Mass and Strength, and Bone Mass and Height, and I think anywhere above the 85% percentile should 100% be cut off from competing, and that their hormones should be near the appropriate ranges, and they should have the accompanying genital in some fashion (honestly I don’t even know about Vagina to dick conversions, and honestly I don’t think I want to). There is exceptions to every rule, however this time there should be firm guidelines and no exceptions past that for safety concerns, competitive edge concerns, and to stop the long term trend that will completely transform women’s sports in a way that would conduce Steroid and Growth Hormones abuse to have a chance at competing.

Now, I know some might find it unfashionable, but Transgender people should have their own leagues (not saying if they fit the standards I laid out above they couldn’t compete in normal leagues). They could make allot of money, and that would open up more careers for a population that is generally financially disenfranchised. In fact people are perverts, and I am not saying Transgender people and the sort are, just that a fair amount of people would watch for other reasons than sports, thus equally more money $$$ and a guaranteed consumer base. It would be a Niche Market, however porn statistics clearly show that there is a much larger segment of people into this Transgender thing than actual Transgender people, and the whole thing would be a cash cow. I bet the 1st Millionaire that invests in such could very easily end up a billionaire.

But in conclusion lets go over a few things, like how this was literally a Joke in the 90s and how Rodney Dangerfield Gets No respect.


{After Thoughts} Now Obliviously this whole thing was construed in the fashion of people that developed masculine for X amount of years competing in women’s sports, but that “Boy” in Texas that was born with female parts and assumable XX chromosomes that was on Testosterone and the sort and wasn’t allowed to compete with the Boys, should of competed with the Boys, and I think anyone should be able to play in the Male Leagues, even a Gorilla if you can teach him how to catch and throw a ball (now that may sound like a Joke to you, but just give it 20 years)…