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Ross Sheriffs Harassment of Randy Ross, Ross County OH, Audio File

Get the Full Story on a Website I am pretty sure they tried pulling a failed Warrant on me for!

I am Randy G Ross of New Haven and New Hampshire, who recently enough moved to Ross County OH, listen to the recording of the Ross Sheriffs Criminally Harassing me. More Audio Files to Come. I am very scared for my safety in Ross County Ohio, mostly by the Ross Sheriffs, but Authorities in general I guess. My car was stolen and the Ross Sheriffs have been covering for it, but they slipped up a while ago and told me exactly what I needed to sue, and I asked for that in writting in a two sentence email, oh boy were they triggered. They Kept me on the hook, entrapped me, and now claim I may have abused the Telecommunication Laws, this is the second time they have demanded in with no Warrant, just smashing and trying to open the door knob, and based upon some locals claiming they might be the serial killers here (Youtube Ross County Murders, Serial Killer Chillicothe and the sort), I am pretty freaked out. My car was stolen, but I am the bad guy somehow, you know how, because my car was stolen on purpose. I wish I never came to Ross County and that I make it out alive, tomorrow I will make some calls to the AG and FBI, and stop by the Court, I can’t afford them knocking down my door beating me up or worse, and than going to the Jail the Ross Sheriffs run! I’ll turn myself in if there is a warrant, but I won’t have that choice, so in the morning I will make some calls and hopefully emails with this audio recording and others, than pop by the court and see if their is a warrant for me, or should I say they are trying to pull one, I just can’t afford to have my door kicked in by the Ross Sheriffs and Beaten, maybe to death or tormented by them in their Jail. I am telling you, this is so bad, and I am in danger. So scared… Notice how 911 probably transferred the call to the Ross Sheriffs, and they are like warrants don’t matter open the door. Sheriff Lavender is so Corrupt, so much Drugs in Ross County, Serial Murders, this is a bad place, and I am not sure if I will get out soon enough. Pray for me…