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Is Nov 4th, the next 911?

Is November 4th the next 911? With Antifa and other Left Wing Groups planning Riots on Nov 4th as some within their Militant Ranks maybe planning to go after the National Power Grid; is a Nation Wide Electrical Grid Drill which is planned for November 4th the right move?


On 911 there was Drills for Hijacked Planes, so when Planes were Hijacked during 911 it was all thought to be part of the Drill, like the Nation Wide Drill. Could this electrical grid drill on Nov 4th hamper the response time again like what happened on 911? Is the Alt Left (Globalists) or Deep State going after the Power Grid on Nov 4, 2017, and could this Drill make any potential Terrorists Attacks worse?


Well after Vegas all bets are off, #FalseFlagNov4 ?


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