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Alert! Nuclear Drill or False Flag Operation on New York City 4/24-4/26?

Is “Operation Gotham Shield” a Military Nuclear Exercise or a False Flag Attack on America like so many rumor happened on 911, Sandy Hook and even the Oklahoma City Bombing or is one of the many other rumors like Solar Flares tied to power outages what is really at the core of this unprecedented drill by the Military right at the Heart of US Soil; New York City?

Between April 24th and April 26th (2017) an alleged Nuclear Exercise is set to happen in New York City and several other locations, but most likely was underway for days before. Could this be a False Flag, a Drill or are Agents Right now trying to Foil a Terrorist or Nation State Plot?

Sort through the Videos and Links and you decide, but this is surely a massively under reported advent that has left many of the informed overly wary of these transpiring days.


911 Planes Crashing into World Trade Center and Pentagon Drills (Conspiracy, Could it be True)? 


Info Wars on the Oklahoma City Bombing: False Flag proceeded by Military Drills?



Could this be a connected to the Subs allegedly reported off the US Coasts or is a North Korean Plot under way?

Obviously Snopes Finds there is absolutely nothing to worry about a mock Nuclear Explosion Drill in NY with Mock Nuclear Weapons (because it is cool someone said the Mock Nukes are Duds)