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Fukushima Alert, February 2017: The Unfolding Crisis

Are a 160 tons of melted Nuclear Fuel Rods escaping their containment, and are breaking through or have broke through to the ocean’s waters below, restarting a Nuclear Reaction? The evidence surely points to something is going on.

“at Chernobyl… when it rains water seeps into the sarcophagus of concrete, heats up, chain reaction slowly builds up again” – Dr. Michio Kaku

Watch the videos below to get all the doom and gloom of the recent unfolding events from the Fukushima Crisis February 2017.



At the 4:30 mark the video starts to go over the virtual layout of the Fukushima Radioactive Disaster Site 2017.


Vice News gives a good account of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 2016, with a focus on the clean up and its effects on the people. The Japanese Government is going the opposite direction of what the Russian Government did about the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, will this lead to disaster? Are the Japanese people part of an experiment? Can a population maintain itself within a radioactive environment?



Dr. Michio Kaku explains the Fukushima Radiation Leaks within a rational context, in this audio from before the recent Fukushima Crisis in February 2017.  At the 7:20 – 7:30 mark into the video Dr. Kaku says  “at Chernobyl… when it rains water seeps into the sarcophagus of concrete, heats up, chain reaction slowly builds up again”



However, some spell a different story without all the Doom and Gloom (in this older video), but that is just within the context of how the radiation effects people half a world away. But clearly the Fukushima locals do not have the whole of the Pacific Ocean to dilute the radiation that is present in the Fukushima area or even the Eastern Sea Board of Japan.



But obviously Snopes says “No” to this; mostly citing that there is no Major News Outlets reporting on this potential recent development, and creates a straw man around saying the reactor fell into the ocean, instead of the Nuclear Rods melting there way through the containment unit and assumedly slowly melting their way further down, to the Ocean’s waters below.

But can we believe Tepco and the Japanese Government? Well let us believe their data presented by Snopes about the unit in question’s radiation levels “(one of it was as high as 530 Sv/h)… “(the previous highest measurement was 73 Sv/h)”, which clearly say something is going on, even if they will not.

Has the 160 Tons of Nuclear Rods hit the ocean water under the reactor and a Chain Reaction has been restarted? It would explain why Fukushima’s radiation levels have spiked from a high of 73 to 530 Sv/h.

Is this only the beginning of the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis?,