Paradox Chronicle

a Wombing Nation, a Ride to Freedom, an Empires Undoing

Oneith by Land, Twoith by sea the deriving of the battle cry of a ride to freedom; a fragile moment, a raw moment, a real moment, a soon to be red moment.

This fragile moment encapsulated in time was shared by more than just Paul Revere on that day a Nation was truly born into fire and battle. Hundreds of Patriots to a Republic which had yet to stand took that ride from one side of the countryside to the next, from State to State, from mouth to ear, a message soon to be heard by all, that still reverberates so soundly to this day and maybe eternity to come.

Paul Revere was no more than grease to a Cog of the American Machine. This moment in time was fragile in many ways, but its success was concreted before its endeavoring.

The American Communication System rivaled all the world, and the Pony Express Champion to all, the first tenant to the British’s Empires Fall. Followed by Revolutions and Rebellions abound, and Railways to sprawl the ground as a Network to overtake Ocean Ways and Seas around. This Empire’s demise begin in a day, but that day was the day before.

Before the “Shot heard round the World” the Steadfast New Hampshire Men already took the British to a sort of sundering. Those brave men who were to have first blood, had taken a fort and ammunitions without a shot fired, and those very munitions were used at Concord and Lexington, and cannons later to stand aloft besides Boston. There is no telling, but those munitions may have been the very powder and ball used on that fretful shot that echoed so loudly that its Ring for Freedom can still be heard to this day.

The British became their own undoing, they had overstretched and over-bared , they stared at everything as theirs if they deemed to take it, they did things, they did cold things, but those things would not stand so easily by the Patriots of a Wombing Nation.

That soon to be Union of Men stratified in Free States, based on a Free Market and Free Speech, and everything else a Free Man would hold dear sparked a Revolution for Freedom that took heel as it slowly rolled around the globe. But that Revolution did not stop when the powder ceased to bursts, it carried on and out, in the form of culture, commerce and that same communication that at first seen US the day.

Hope Nourishes
Randy Ross of New Hampshire~