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FBI Raids CDC Headquarters with CDC Whistle Blower?

“President Trump ordered the CDC Headquarters in Atlanta to be raided at 3:00 Am Their Time…

Long before the Employees began showing up to work the FBI was busting down doors and seizing computers.

Accompanying these FBI Agents was Dr William Thompson – who is a CDC Whistle Blower.

The raid was ordered by the President and was led by Sally Yates – Acting Attorney General and part of the King and Spalding Law Group, which was also working with President Trump’s huge law firm: “Jones Day.”

All of the records for the Vaccines – what is in them, what they have done to people across the globe – it is all being seized…” Dr William B. Mount

Stories Swirled the Internet on January 23rd that the New President ordered a Raid on the CDC Headquarters.

     Websites like Snopes say no, but of course a Web-Site that has degraded down to a Left Wing Psy-op would say that, while the Links like the one directly below spin quite a different story, and even relate a personal twist in President Trump’s life. That Vaccines have personally effected his family, and that Baron Trump (his son) was severely effected by his last shots.

President Trump Orders FBI To Conduct Massive Raid On CDC Headquarters

     With President Trump’s appointing of Robert F Kennedy Jr. in charge of Vaccines for his Administration the rumors may not be rumors at all, and in a Huffington-Post Article Mr. Kennedy’s clearly has disdain for the Toxic, unnecessary additives added to modern Vaccines.


     The 1st Vaccines officially done in the United States, was during its forging, at Valley Forge, by Washington to thwart Small Pox from tearing the Continental Army to pieces. For more visit link 1 and Link 2. But scratching a repository illness into the blood stream away from the lungs (Valley Forge’s way) is far different than injecting a blood disease into the blood directly, and there was no unneeded heavy metals or toxins used at Valley Forge, a claim modern Vaccines could never make.

     You-Tube started getting videos uploaded on the 23rd, but yet nothing is officially confirmed? Could the rumors be true, is Trump putting a stop to these clearly improper Vaccines with unneeded Toxins and Heavy Metals in Vaccines?

     The Video directly above by END TIMES PROPHECY NEWS leaves one to the clear impression that the Rumors are true and the CDC Headquarters did in-fact get raided, and that is what the circumstantial evidence also points to.

     But what would be the motive to not fully disclose this? Most likely the more information the President has at his disposal and the more time the Left has to be deprogrammed from their False views on the safety of Vaccines, is within the administrations best interests. Also since this narrative goes so far outside the Main Stream Media’s models they may just not be prepared to release such things so quickly and easily.

     In Conclusion, it seems based off President Trump’s and the Right’s rhetoric’s that this is an inevitability, and based off how quickly the President has got to action, that this most likely happened, and indeed the CDC Head-Quarters was almost certainly Raided.


by Randy Ross