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Chinese Military Stealing American Military Robot Technology

The Chinese Military and Chinese Communist Government is now openly stealing American Military Technology, just like they have been stealing American Inventions and Products, even using listed patents and flat-out reproducing them.


Footage of Chinese War Robots Leaked to Internet


But how much of this Technology has been intentionally leaked or sold to them. How did the Chinese acquire our Robot Dog Technology, did they Steal it, like the recent Aquatic Drone? Did they Buy it, was it copied off our Patens, a Spy or was the technology hacked from a USA Business Firm?


China agrees to return captured Navy drone to U.S.


Clearly the United States of America Produced that Robot Design, which clearly has military capabilities once further developed, so the real question is how did they acquire this technology?



Watch China Uncensored, an informative and funny YouTube channel and let him explain further the Trade of China Stealing US Technology, in “How China Steals US Technology” below



“The Art of War by Sun Tzu”


On The Verge of War: USA vs China WWIII


Author Randy Ross