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Einstein’s Theory Dismissed: The Speed of Light Broken 2015

Einstein’s Theory Dismissed: The Speed of Light Broken 2015

The Speed of Light is in-fact much faster than noted by modern science, and even Einstein own assertions through experiments prove that. But even other theoretical laws like how an object becomes infinitely larger as it approaches the assumed speed of light, the infeasibility of interstellar space travel, and our mathematic system are being challenged in this article, and much more. Lets start with one tell tale marker of these proposed thoughts, the Ghost Particle.

Neutrinos have challenged the Special Theory of Relativity and are noted as going nearly equal to the speed of light or theorized over it. But Einstein’s generally accepted Special Theory of Relativity, calls for an object to become infinitely larger as it approaches the speed of light, however neutrinos clearly do not do that and modern science notes that neutrinos are harmlessly passing through all of us right now.

Neutrinos are hyper excited parts of neutrons, which have had many Controversial Claims of Traveling Faster than the Speed of Light in recent years. Neutrinos being a hyper excited parts of physical matter a subatomic particles from a neutron, they should become infinitely larger because they travel right around the theorized speed of light, but they do not. Additionally neutrinos travel right through almost all objects and circumstances whole and intact, seemly un-phased as they travel in one side of a planet and out the other. The Neutrino and or the Ghost Particle is currently an enigma to science and stands in a class of its own, defying Einstein’s assertions.

Not only has Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity been shattered by the advent of Neutrinos, thus disproving Einstein’s initial assertions, but this author also challenges the concept of the Speed Limit of Light or the Universal Speed Limit.

Light is clearly affected by Gravity or large Magnetic Bodies and Einstein has Related to how the Sun and Magnetic Fields slow light down. An example of this would be Black Holes; that science says is large clusters of matter that’s gravity’s mass are too large for light to escape from. So if we now know massive groupings of matter can stop light from traveling, how could we not surmise or calculate that stars or other galactic bodies could keep light slowed down, and no Constant Speed of Light or Universal Speed Limit can be observed from within a star’s field or large gravity wells. Of course in reverse could we expect light on a direct trajectory to a black hole’s pull to speed up to meet that galactic object or even gain speed sling shoting around it?

Regardless weather experiments have been done to prove the speed of light, all experiments have been tampered by the forces of the gravity and magnetic fields within our own star’s field, which is theorized to extend for a light year or more from center. Even to step outside of our solar system to the places between, one would still find itself and its experiment still within other gravitational and magnetic fields stemming from our galaxy the Milky Way. So the speed of light should indeed be different between the stars and spaces between galaxies, than it would here within our star’s and galactic fields.

If one was to believe the theorized words of this author, than one would soon realize through proper dissection of the transcribed words upon ones-self, that the Light Year is also in question, and the time it would take to travel between the stars would be much less than currently denoted. Also the presumed absurd fact through constant repetition that an object traveling towards the speed of light becomes infinitely larger in kind, has clearly been disproven by the existence of the Ghost Particle. Additionally not being able to exceed the speed of light and or the theorized Universal Speed Limit is clearly stated in what this author takes as untrue and light is clearly relative and not constant. The observed speed of light within our solar system is relative to its gravity and magnetic field(s), and is thus not the Speed of light in-between the Stars, so the speed of light is indeed much faster than observed here within our own solar system. With all that said, the current parameters around the infeasibility of space travel on a grand scale or any scale within conventional technologies is in fact the opposite, and is far more reasonable and achievable than previously imagined.

Too add to the feasibility of space travel, our solar system is theorized to travel around our galaxy in a far more unusual pattern than the planets to the Sun, and so theorized are other solar systems. Our solar system is theorized to pass by and can even collide with other solar systems, thus reducing the space between the stars and their accompanying celestial bodies and enormous star fields, making modern space travel all the more possible to modern technologies, giving proper timing on a galactic scale. One solar system moving towards another would increase the speed of travel and reduce the distance and time by proxy needed to complete such a space journey.


However this author theorizes of a pure personal conjecture that a human body could not survive without a magnetic sphere to which the human body is accustom too here on Earth or other similar galactic bodies, and any true interstellar space ship would need to produce its own magnetic field to sustain the human body and mind in a living state.

Modern publicated science has yet to admit defeat on the Universal Speed Limit and many other notions, just like they always have throughout history. But what can you expect from a group of scientists that use a Mathematical Base Scale of Ten; just because we have ten fingers and toes, but yet that base scale cannot solve a 2 dimensional circle (Pie). Would not a base scale that’s Pie is a 3 dimensional sphere get us closer to solving purposed theorized 4th dimensional objects. But that would be a bold thought for a group that cannot see what stares them in the face. There is no Speed Limit of Light thus observed by Man, and Einstein notions on the Universal Speed Limit and the Special Theory of Relativity has been shattered by the tiniest of things, the Neutrino.

If Time is relative to the forces of Gravity, how could Light not also be relative to Gravity?

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Author Randy Ross of New Hampshire


Randy Ross of New Hampshire

Randy Ross of New Hampshire